Board of Directors

The SCJGS is run entirely by volunteers and an elected Board of Directors. Below is a list of board members and directory of services.

President,  Leah Kushner                      

VP Membership,  Pam Ernst                 

VP Operations, Eric Kaplan                   

Secretary,  Shirley Ginzburg                  

Treasurer,  Ellen Ortiz                           

Member-at-Large,  Bill Smith

Directory of Services

General Inquiries                   


Shorashim Newsletter                

Speaker’s Bureau                 




Upcoming Events

Sunday, September 29, 1 pm Pacific

Speaker: Emily Garber, Genealogist

 How Did They Get From There to Here? – Bradshaw’s Railway Guide and Other Tools of Discovery

Click here for the full program  

Sunday, October 27, 1 pm Pacific

Speaker: Michelle Leonard, Professional Genetic Genealogist

 A Guide To Segment Data, Chromosome Browsers & Conventional Chromosome Mapping (1.5 hrs)

Click here for the full program  

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