This free site (registration required for most services and donation for detailed search functions); contains at least  forty searchable databases, multi-million-record European holdings, Family Finder, Family Tree of the Jewish People, Yizkor and Kehila books, town finder, and links to other genealogical sites such as Jewish Online Worldwide Burial Registry, see below.

Jewishgen Burial Registry (JOWBR) 

Burial Database Jewishgen

Burial Research Jewishgen

Israel Genealogy Research Association

The Israel Genealogy Research Association (IGRA) is the largest genealogy society in Israel with a database of over two million records.

Routes to Roots Foundation

Is founded by Miriam Weiner, who has been instrumental in opening up Eastern European archives and establishing a database of genealogical information.


Publisher of Genealogical journal, Avotaynu,books and a quarterly magazine of Jewish genealogy, published in New Haven, CT

Yad Vashem

The World Holocaust Remembrance Center. A vast archives and research holdings on the Holocaust; includes searchable database of Shoah victims

Center for Jewish History

This site contains tools for finding immigration records, census records, vital records, and for dealing with calendars, maps, foreign alphabets, and numerous other applications. Some of these tools fetch data from other websites but do so in more versatile ways than the search tools provided on those websites.

Ackman & Ziff Family Genealogy Institute 

This site provides an enormous wealth of genealogical resources through the Center for Jewish History partners’ collections.


JRI – Poland is the largest fully searchable database of indexes to Jewish vital records accessible online.

JDC Archives  

Archives of the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC) records the overseas rescue, relief, and rehabilitation arm of the American Jewish community, the JDC Archives houses one of the most significant collections in the world for the study of modern Jewish history from 1914 to the present in over 90 countries.

 International Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies (IAJGS)

The International Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies (IAJGS) is an organization of organizations formed in 1988 to provide a common voice for issues of significance to its members, to advance our genealogical avocation, and to coordinate items such as the annual IAJGS conference. 

TKFGEN Tsal Kaplun Foundation Archives of Jewish Records

Listing indices from other sites (some foreign language) shtetls, family surnames, stories, migration families (heritage surnames, genealogy, stories and migration) calamities, programs, evacuations holocost immigration. Archive of Jewish records from Eastern Europe. 

Polish Genealogy of America

The Society is open to anyone doing research within the borders of the old Commonwealth of Poland. by publishing the journal Rodziny and providing books, newsletters, bulletins, printed information, regular Society meetings, conferences and workshops. 

History of Jewish Communities in Ukraine

 The Jewish population of Ukraine before the Second World War was over 2.5 million but now the current population is only in the 100,000 range.

Arolsen Archives

Search for the names of victims of Nazi persecution, the International Center on Nazi Persecution and contains 30M documents from concentration camps, details of forced labor and files on displaced persons. Of those records, 13M are now online.

Lo Tishkach Eastern European Cemetery and Mass Grave Database 

The Lo Tishkach Foundation European Jewish Cemeteries Initiative aims to guarantee the effective and lasting preservation and protection of Jewish cemeteries and mass graves throughout Europe.  There are now 11061 cemeteries on the Lo Tishkach database.


The Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS) provided support and assistance to immigrants as they arrived in America. They provided financial and legal assistance for those who were at risk of being returned to their home country. The HIAS offers a search of their records for minimal fees.


Foundation for East European Family History Studies

YIVO Institute for Jewish History

The YIVO Institute for Jewish Research is dedicated to the preservation and study of the history and culture of East European Jewry worldwide with over 3 million items archived.

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